AFRICAN-AMERICAN - A thug rapper with no street credibility gets humiliated by his black peers in a nightclub. As he makes his escape he is carjacked by a trio of thieves who have just botched ripping off a jewelry store that sells diamond "bling" jewelry to the hip-hop market. The rap star sees an opportunity to earn his hoodlum stripes if he can convince his captors to let him join them. Unfortunately, the owner of the diamond store is a maniac ex-Liberian warlord who thinks he's been blessed by God and cannot be killed. The heist gone wrong ultimately leads to the four men running for their lives as the African warlord and his clan go after them and ultimately, the rap world. African-American is the zenith of black on black crime as the macho posturing fake violence of hip hop is hunted down, tortured, and killed by the horror of African tribal warfare.

GAME OVER - Vic gets out of prison and discovers that no one wants to hire an ex-con. His parole officer is breathing down his neck to get a job, and his ex-wife won't let him see the son he's dreamt of during his years behind bars. Being a bad guy was the only thing Vic's ever been good at; and its cost him everything he loves. An old prison buddy hooks Vic up to be in a new kind of fighting contest, a street fight where the contestants won't know they're in a match until the punches have already started. Vic is a natural, beating all comers. But his success threatens to keep him from his son forever and so Vic must choose what kind of man he wants to be: a champion or a father. (Currently in post-production from Black Gold Sun Entertainment.)

FREE RADICALS - Imagine an entertainment empire based on children's toys and military hardware - well, that would just be combining GE/NBC and Disney/ABC. Now, imagine if the man in charge of the "synergy marketing" of this massive company were to decide to make revolutionary anarchy the Next Big Thing to sell both toys and guns at once! When he does, this marketing svengali gets fired. Swearing revenge, he takes a group of social activists and turns them into musical superstars who rage against the biggest corporate machine in order to bring down the gigantic multinational company.

CRAZED - Gareth has some severe issues that required an extended stay at the happy home. When his old gang springs him, it's not out of any humanitarian need. He's the only one who knows where all the money is hidden. While they are desperately trying to get him to show them the money, he tries to drive all of them as crazy as he is.

GOLDEN HANDCUFFS - Victor is trapped in his job, his lusts, and in his own identity. Working in technology and being paid too much money is more torturous than rewarding. Having sex with a woman who is engaged to someone else makes him disgusted with himself. His roommate constantly shows him the end result of his nihilistic behavior: that his lifestyle is eroding his passion for life. When he meets a woman and a man that both stimulate him, Victor is forced to confront his sexuality, his work, and his real passions. Victor must figure out what it is that unlocks his golden handcuffs, or they will stop him from ever being truly happy.

REALLY PALE RIDER - Ever since his father was hung and staked to death Clyde Van Helsing has been the Sheriff of Deadwood, a quiet hub town for California-bound settlers. That changes when elixir salesman Max Feratu and his henchmen ride into town selling a bloody panacea that guarantees everlasting life. Feratu plans to turn Deadwood into a resort for vampires, seeking the final victory in the blood feud between the Feratus and the Van Helsings. To stop him Clyde must come to terms with his own bloody lineage, the imposing memory of his legendary father, and the reality that vampires do exist in the wild west.

NOT A LOVE STORY - A young man is surrounded by abusive women and his only release is through his obsession with pronography. To him, women are either wanton sluts or overpowering dominatrixes, and this skewed view of the world is destroying his life. His high school career is in the toilet and he's incapable of dating because of his damaged psyche. If he can't figure out how to deal with women and change himself, these inabilities will destroy him.

PROFESSIONAL HELP - A satire of alien invasion, government conspiracy theories, and bizarrely inept criminals. Five infants destined to work together are guided by unknown forces and their own sizeable egos. Now, adult laughingstocks of the crime underworld, they are blackmailed into the mission they have been prepared for their entire lives: breaking into Area 51 and stealing the secret alien contents. Pursued from the start by shadowy government forces and assassins, they are set up to fail - their speciality. (Professional Help was optioned in 1998, a director assigned, and then the money disappeared. Such is Hollywood.)

It's all copyright 2004, Max Miller.

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